Pump performance leads to your bottom line performance.

And we KNOW pumps.

Reliable Pumps Consultants is one of the leading custom high pressure pump manufacturers in the world.
We engineer, maintain, service, and repair all makes of pumps and accessories to keep them in the field, on the job, flawlessly performing- making you money. Give us your application requirement and we will build a system just for you.

For over 26 years, RPC’s trained staff has created, produced, and maintained a diverse range of high pressure pump systems for major clients around the globe- clients involved in the petroleum industry, oil & natural gas production, drilling production, well servicing & stimulation, B.O.P. testing, hydrostatic testing, and water jetting systems for industrial cleaning and maintenance. Our manufacturing facilities are capable of handling several volume orders at one time. We have a continuous assembly line of base models that can quickly change to options needed for a special application.

Our customer service before and after the sell is what sets us apart. We have a 24 hour service on standby.

Let’s visit today about you application prepare a quote that will meet your needs.


Cash Flow. 

When your pumps aren’t flowing, neither is your cash.

Not quite ready just yet to invest in a custom pump, but have an opportunity/requirement for one?

Call Reliable Pumps Consultants and talk with us about renting pumps that could allow you take advantage of that opportunity before it slips away!

Is your equipment down, or already in use on a job and you need a pump RIGHT NOW

Call us and let’s talk about how Reliable Pumps Consultants might quickly provide you exactly what you need to keep you working on that job- and your cash flowing.